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Travel Packages Thousand Islands

Tidung Island

Thousand Islands or people are more familiar with the title of Thousand Islands. No A little group of islands in the Bay of Jakarta. One of them is Tidung. Tidung Pulau Seribu Islands has two islands is Tidung General & Tidung Tiny who are connected with the bridge, which is better known with the name "Bridge of Love". Then the bridge is made of wood, but in line with the interest of people of eminence mengahdiri this bridge and make the safety aspect and comfort of wearing concrete results are rebuilt much stronger.

Tidung entered in this type of society the island because there is a bit of local communities who live and settle in this Tidung Island. Absolute their livelihood is fishing. Along his growing marine tourism Thousand Islands is not a bit of local communities who menggembangkan marine tourism. The Inn was built to conform the interests of travelers who visited the island Tidung. Various water sports as well as available at the Thousand Islands Tidung Island. From Snorkeling, Banana Boat, Boat Donat, Diving, and remained a little longer.


Thousand Islands. Angel Island is the island early in the Thousand Islands Resort amalgamated island or island wisata.Kepedulian in maintaining ecosystem produce rare trees which grow a few hundred years ago is still maintained together even good forest forge rara avis. Ie location layover nautical tourists in exploring the thousand islands. Just 30 minutes wearing a speed boat from Marina Ancol Pier 15 you can menenumakan comfort in a nautical atmosphere tajir thousand islands that can allure of nature. The arrival of history and cultural heritage, such as prastasti, Martello fort VOC (Dutch) and cannons provides an atmosphere that is unique. Apart from that, the building is decorated ethnic provide color else. So Many cottages built between the trees that overlooks the ocean, evokes a romantic feel. For close distances with Jakarat on Angel Island Resort is unable to create Snorkelling & Diving.                        

Tourism Events on Angel Island, Onrust Island, Kelor Island and Pulau Kayangan.
Onrust Island is one of the islands in the Thousand Islands regency, which is located adjacent Jakarta alongside Angel Island. To the Dutch colonial period, people more or less mention of this island is the Ship Island because the island is not rarely visited by many of the Dutch ship before heading Batavia. Within this island there are no archaeological remains slightly against the Dutch colonial period and as well as a dwelling that remain intact and be the Museum of Onrust Island.
Kelor Island, on this island are the remaining Round fort.
Kayangan island or island Cipir, on this island there are the ruins of occupancy sick and quarantine Hajj in the colonial era.


Thousand Islands. Thousand Island Ayer Island Tourism has become favorite resort for holidays, along a distance of 30 minutes wearing a speed boat from Marina Ancol Pier 15. The island is renowned with the cottage - wooden cottage on the sea (Floating) illuminant characteristic Asmant tribe. Each cottagenya equipped with AC with its own telephone, cable TV, mini-fridge, a shared bath hot and cold water and a private terrace.
Create a water sport and means of Ayer offers canoe, jet skiing, fishing, jogging, biking, banana boat, surf bike, chess rasaksa, arcade zone, children - children play and fun game facilities. On this island and there Swimming Pool (Swimming Pool). Because of the distances from the near Jakarta, on the island is not able to do the activities Snorkeling and Diving.
Here Package Pulau Ayer Resort Thousand Islands. Have a good vacation

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